Friday, September 4, 2015

Venice - Day 1 and 2

Sorry I did not put the link to my school on the last one but here it is now.

Yesterday was a very busy day. I ended up not getting any sleep on the plane, and neither did the other four. As for the airplane food.. well it was rather bad. The chicken was all taken when they finally got to me, the pasta tasted off, the salad was bland, and the brownie and roll were sealed in a bag, if that tells you anything. I think the only good thing was the crackers they gave us. And who gives out peanuts without shells?? I was very disappointed when they were already out of the shells because the shells are the best part. When we landed in Venice, it was 9:30 local time (2:30 back in Illinois), and  it was about 85 degrees out so I started sweating instantly. We had to take a water because there are like no cars on the island at all.

We ended up walking around after we found our hotel and found a little pizza shop and gelato stand.
Walked around a little more and then turned in around 5p.m. that evening. I actually was able to sleep until 9 the next morning. I guess 48 hours and no sleep does that to you. 

This morning we went and ate breakfast at and "American" buffet. They had toast, rolls and very very wattery eggs. So I had toast and rolls! Then we got on another boat where we went to the island of Morano where they did mostly glass blowing. Very neat to see.

Grabbed lunch there where I had some spaghetti that was very good. Then we took another boat to Borano where they specialized in lace making. These were both very neat little islands. Very touristy though because there were many shops up and down the main drag. We then took a boat back to where our hotel is, got some more pizza, walked around a bit and called it a night.

Here are some pictures of Piazza San Marco which is close to our hotel.

Pictures from Marano

and Barona

I know it is a lot of pictures but we are doing a lot of different things! 



  1. Beautiful pictures. Do the gondoliers really wear black and white shirts with a red kerchief?

  2. Most of the gondoliers wear black and white striped shirts, with some wearing red and white striped shirts, but no kerchief! We are not sure if the red shirt means something different black shirts!