Monday, September 7, 2015

Venice Day 3 and 4 and Train


Today was the last day for Venice. Currently I am on a train going to Florence that will take about 3 hours. This train is one of the bullet trains that went 186 mph so we will get to Florence rather quickly!
  Yesterday we just kind of roamed around Venice in the morning and part of the afternoon. We got to see parts we had not seen before. Later in the afternoon we toured this very elaborate church. There was a lot of very interesting artwork and carvings.

We then got on a water taxi and rode around the Grand Canal and saw neat little houses and buildings.

We also saw where all the cruise ships dock. Later Sarah and I got some food where I had lasagna that was pretty tasty. I think it was the best lasagna I have tasted!  This morning we toured Doge’s Palace that was very neat. There was a lot of rooms that had very elaborate artwork on the walls and ceilings. When we were done there, we packed up and rode the water taxi to the train station and got on the train. Well that’s all for now!

Here are some pictures of Doge's Palace!

And some random pictures of Venice!

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