Monday, September 14, 2015

Rome Day 4 and 5 and Paris Day 1


Just got to Paris not too long ago and realized I have not updated this in a bit so here is what has been happening.

On the 4th day in Rome, Peggy, Sarah, and I hopped on the metro and rode to the north end of Rome and started to work our way back to our hotel. We hit up the tourist places to see as we wondered through the streets. We saw the Trinita dei Monti (a church), Tempio Adriano, Panthelon (another church), Plazza Navena, and Campo de Flori (another plazza), along with many different shops. That night, Sarah and I just got pizza for supper and we stayed in.

Day 5 in Rome was more walking around. We went to a flea market that have over 3 miles of vendors. Too many people for me. We then walked to a park and looked through a keyhole to see St. Peter's Basilica, which was very neat. Then we went to dinner and headed back to pack for the next day.

Today was another moving day. We woke up, had breakfast and headed out for the train that would take us to airport. We got off the train with 2 hours before the plane was set to leave. It did not take all that long to get through security and get our tickets. We got to the terminal with 45 minutes to spare only to find out that the plane was delayed 15 minutes. Sarah and I decide to grab some food because we would miss lunch. The plane ended up taking off at 1:30, which was an hour and a half late. It did not bother me too much because I knew we would not do much the rest of the day as traveling takes a lot out of us. When we landed we went to collect our luggage that we checked and it turns out that Sarah's bag did not even get on the plane! She was pretty upset about that. Luckaly, her mom had some of her clothes in her bag and many of her essential things were in her carry on bag. Hopefully the bag arrives in the next day or two. Anyway, we just got back from supper at a cafe and now getting ready to rest up for our first full day in Paris tomorrow!


I will update this blog in a few days with pictures, so check back then! All of the pictures were saved in Sarah's bag that was left in Rome.

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