Saturday, September 26, 2015

Aber day 5-9

I have been here for about a week now. On Tuesday (the 22nd), I went to the sports fair where many of the clubs from Aber try to get new people to join. I believe I will join the Clay Pigeon Club and maybe the Hiking Club. The hiking club requires a lot of new gear that I would need to buy so I may just go hiking on my own. I went to go buy more groceries that afternoon so I am not just living on Ramen noodles.

Wednesday I milled around the societies fair, but did not find anything that looked that interesting. My advisor here is really into bird watching, so he took all of his students out to this national park where we saw what they call Red Kites come in and feed. It was a very beautiful park and it was very neat to see all the birds come down. He bought us hot chocolate or tea or coffee and we got to talk to the other students from around the world. It was very fun. There just does not seem to be that much going on here during Aber's welcome week compared to Purdue or to what Sarah is doing. It is kind of boring here during the afternoons/nights.

Thursday, for one of my classes there was a tractor demo. We went out to a different campus (only about a mile away) and the professor went over tractor safety on hills and slopes. I got to drive one of the tractors back, so that was fun. The tractors that Aber owns are so small. They were probably on 50 hp each. Not really what I am used to back home.

On Friday, the agriculture department had a cookout that I went to. They had hamburgers, salad (with no dressing), coleslaw, and these smaller potatoes that had some kind of white dressing on them. They were cold and I did not really care for them. It was still a neat ordeal. I also had to sit through a fire safety meeting for the dorms, that was not very fun. That was pretty much it for the night.

Today I went to a few grocery stores with some other people in my room. Tonight is a big rugby match between England and Wales, so it sounds like all the pubs will be packed.

Here are some pictures from the last few days.

Well that is about all for now. Classes start Monday, so that will be interesting to see how that goes!


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