Monday, October 26, 2015

Aber Week 5 and Shrewsbury


Not much has happened in the past week other than my trip to Shrewsbury. I did take a walk down the hill on Wednesday to pick up some groceries and went down by the water. The water was very high. On the picture below, I walked out to the end of that dock, which is where the tall post is, only 2 weeks ago. The waves were coming in pretty hard too. I'm not sure if there was a storm coming or what, but it was pretty impressive.

In Shrewsbury, I met Sarah there on Friday night. We went to find some food which proved to be difficult because most of the restaurants close down around 7. On Saturday, we decided to just walk around and explore the town. We walked along the river and through a pretty neat park. We then found some lunch at a little cafe and then went through some little shops around the town. For supper, we ate at an Italian restaurant. It was very good. Sarah got a pizza with pesto as the sauce, and it also had chicken on it. I know it seems strange but it was very good. I ordered a calzone that had many different meats and other vegetables in it. It was probably the best calzone I have ever had. On Sunday, we did some more walking around because it was a very nice day outside. We wondered upon a thing called a weir. It is kind of like a dam in the river. There was a lot of people around so we went to see what they were all looking at. It turns out that there was fish, which I believe were trout, jumping out of the water onto this weir and trying to swim against the flow of water up the weir. It was really cool to see. There was fish jumping all over the place. It was so cool to see. We then did some more walking around the town. We then got on our trains in the afternoon and I went back to Aberystwyth and Sarah went back to Nottingham.

Well that is about all for now! Until next week.


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