Monday, October 19, 2015

Aber week 4 and Liverpool

It is the end of another week. Only 7 more weeks of classes then heading back to the States! This past week I did quite a bit of traveling. On Tuesday after class, I got on a train to head to Nottingham where Sarah is to visit for her birthday on Wednesday. On Wednesday, she took me around Nottingham to some of her campus buildings and other buildings and shops around her town. It is a lot different than Aberystwyth. Her campus is kind of infused with the town while Aber has kind of a college part (at the top of the hill) and a town at the bottom. And her town is massive. I cannot even begin to think about how many people are in that town. She took me to a castle and this part where Bruce Wayne's house in the movie The Dark Knight was filmed. The movie makes it look a lot bigger than it is but it was still impressive. We also saw a deer in the park with massive antlers. They looked like elk antlers on the top of a deer. They were really wide. Sarah said she saw a heard of them the last time she was there, but we could not find them this time. We went to eat at this Canal House, which was on a canal in case you could not deduce that, for lunch. It was a really neat place and had some good food! On Thursday, we watched a movie and then went to grab some ice cream before I had to get on the train to head back to Aber.

After my class on Friday, I got on another train and made my way up to Liverpool.When I got there, Sarah and I made our way to the apartment we rented a room from. That night we decided to head into the main part of Liverpool to see what it was like. There was a lot of people out and about pretty late! (Late for me is past 10 or definitely past 11 at night.) On Saturday morning, we got on a bus to go to the city center again and walked around. We went around Albert Dock, which had a bunch of little shops. Then we went to the Liverpool Museum which had a lot of history on Liverpool. My favorite section was the war section where they had all the guns from WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. I liked seeing how different countries portrayed the wars and the different weapons used compared to the United States. We then made our way through the town where there was many different shops in what seemed like a very touristy area. We found Cavern Club, which is where the Beatles started playing when they were not world know. It was packed so we did not get the chance to go inside. There was a lot of Beatles gear and references all around the town. We just kind of wondered around the rest of the day. On Sunday, we went back into Liverpool to see the Liverpool Cathedral and try to find different parts of town we had not seen yet before our train left. The Cathedral was massive. We did not get to go inside because they were having service inside, but the outside was just amazing to see. We did some more wondering around, found some food and then went into a few shops before parting ways on the train platform. Hopefully soon we will have another trip planned.

I stopped into a KFC in Aber when waiting on a train! See if you can spot the differences on the menu! (Hint: there is more than one)

Well that is all for now!

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