Thursday, November 5, 2015

Aberystwyth Week 6


Another pretty normal week here at school. However, on the weekend, Sarah came out to Aberystwyth to visit. On Friday after I finished my class, we went down to the town. We walked through what was left of the castle, got some ice cream, walked along the water, and then walked up Constitution Hill. Sarah really liked this town. On Saturday, we took a short train ride over to Borth, where we got some lunch and then walked along the shoreline which was all rocks. We were there for about three hours which was enough time to see the town because it was so small. On Sunday, we took this old steam train out to Devil's Bridge. This is a place where three different bridges were built on top of each other at different times. It was really neat to see how the water carved away the rocks into the path it takes now.

That is about all for now!

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