Monday, November 9, 2015

Aber week 7 and Bath

Well my time in Aberystwyth is about done. Only 5 weeks left over here. It was a pretty standard week again, including shooting clay pigeons on Wednesday. On Friday, I hopped onto a train and headed down to Bath. It was a pretty neat little place in the southern part of England. I didn't get in until late on Friday night because it was a 5 hour train ride for me to get there. Sarah and I stayed in a hostel, which is pretty much just a room that has a bunch of beds. We were put in a room that had 6 sets of bunk beds. On Saturday, it was raining in the morning. After breakfast, we walked to the Bath Abby, which was a very elaborate church, kind of like the ones we saw back in Italy. We were trying to find things to do that were inside because of the rain. We ended up at the Holburne Museum, which was a collection of different paintings and art. It was all collected by one person who horded these pieces for himself. It was quite a collection, expanding over three floors. After that, we stopped into a few shops along this bridge, and then headed for the part of town called the Circus. The Circus is an actual circle. It is like a large round-about that has buildings that follow the road in the circle. It was pretty neat to see. We then walked back toward the city center for lunch and to just walk around the town. After walking around, we realized that we had missed a place called the Royal Crescent. It is where a residential building was built in a semicircle overlooking a park. It was really big and pretty cool to see. When we got back to the room, it was about time to eat. We saw a few places that looked decent to eat at, but we just decided to walk around and try to find something we liked. I am glad we did this because we ended up at a place called GrillStock BBQ. It was a smaller place that had a lot of character. The walls were curved like a small quanza hut and the inside was lined with corrugated metal. The food was great. I got a brisket sandwich and Sarah got pulled pork. Both sandwiches were great. The on Sunday, we toured the Roman Bath. It was where the Romans used the hot springs to heat the water that was used for bathing. It was very neat. That Sunday was like their veterans day. There was a moment of silence at 11 a.m. in remembrance of all of the soldiers in wars. It was mainly for the involvement in WWI and WWII. We then grabbed some lunch at an Italian restaurant and then headed on a walk along the river, as we had a few hours to kill before our trains came. It was a pretty fun weekend all around.

This weekend we are heading over to Dublin! I am pretty excited for this trip!
Until next week!

The Bath Abby

A weir on the river

The Holburne Museum

The Circus

The Royal Crescent 

The Roman Bath

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